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Street Photography Symposium

18/19/20 Aug 2017
East London

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Street Photography: born in Paris, grew up in New York, now lives in London. Come join us for talks, shooting, panel discussions, drinks and much more.

Hoxton Mini Press, the renowned East London publisher, joins iN‑Public’s Nick Turpin and Observe Collective’s Jason Reed to create an unrivalled gathering in the world’s capital of street photography.

Note: this is a rebrand of last year’s Street Photography Symposium and not connected to ‘The London Street Photography Festival’ which was announced without our knowledge. We wish them the best of luck – there is room in this city for two great events.

FRIDAY 18th*

Evening drinks, gathering and projections


Talks, panel discussions, street shooting.
Dinner and drinks in evening.

SUNDAY 20th*

Talks, panel discussions, street shooting with awards

*Venue, speakers, events and timetable to be announced shortly.  Expect some big names and a great venue in the heart of East London.

Our Vision

“All year you are out there; working on the streets, making your pictures in isolation, thinking about why you do it, what it means, planning your books, printing your exhibitions. Now we invite you to London to meet your colleagues, drink, eat, discuss your work and that of others, share prints, sign books and be inspired” — Nick Turpin

Cities are the spiritual home of the street photographer. Three major cities have featured heavily in the evolution of candid public photography: Paris in the 1920’s, New York in the 60’s and 70’s and, over the last decade, London has now become a home for this democratic art form.

London is a large, vibrant and cosmopolitan metropolis with a rich social history and strong sense of freedom. It’s not surprising that, when a new generation of photographers took up the Street Photography baton, they were Londoners. The first cooperative to promote street photography, iN‑Public, was founded in London; the first dedicated Street Photography Festival was held in London and the most notable Street Photography books have been written and published out of London.

And so, following on from the success of The London Street Photography Symposium in 2016, founded by Observe Collective member Jason Reed, we have expanded and partnered with London’s renowned and award-winning indie publisher, Hoxton Mini Press to create STREET LONDON in 2017.

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